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Your browser indicates if you've visitee this link</h4>.<br> ebMD provides solutions to some commoncat litter boxproblems ... Yourcatmay have a medival condition that makesuirnatingtoo painful -- in or out of thelitter box . ... If yourcatfrequently enters herlitter box butproduces smmall amounts of urine, she .... WebDM doesnotprovide medical advice, diagnosis or two year old female cat keeps sitting in the litter box trying to мар. 2014 г. -Cat Common signs of a urinary problem in cats include frequent urination, an inability to urinate,urinatingoutside thelitterbox , ... Cats with elimination problems usually try to urinate oftenbutrelease only a small Vetstreet doensotprovide medical advice, diagnosis, or to Deal With Urinary Problems in Cats - мая 2012 г. -Butthere is a behavior some cats exhibit that gives their owners clues to ... Blockage can be detrimental to your cat's kidneys, and if he'snotseen ... The second reasoncats sitor lie down in thelitter boxis a little more ... i'm afraid my sandy is going to have surgery againh. she stays in her box and can'tpee ..<br> Only very small numbers of people pick up dieases from pets. When this happens it is mostly by bites, scratches or direct contact wiht the animal feces ( Disease - Mar 2014 ... The most common infection from cats is Cat Scratch Disease, which is caused by the Bartnoella bacterium. 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